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About This Site

This map has been developed as a collaborative project by volunteers from the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California.

Earthquakeretrofit.org is a community mapping project that helps answer the question, "How have we reduced our earthquake risk in the 20 years since the Loma Prieta earthquake?" Anyone can add points to the map: homeowners, property managers, contractors, architects, engineers, or anyone willing to post their project. As more points are added, we might see trends in project location or type: Does one city have more retrofits than its neighbors? Were more homes retrofit than offices, or vice versa?

But mostly this site is about showing and sharing our progress since Loma Prieta. It's an experiment in community mapping, and its success depends on you. We hope you'll contribute as many points as you know about, and visit again to see the map evolve.

Although we're counting on users to contribute data that is complete and correct, this map should'nt be interpreted as a scientific sampling of retrofit projects.