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Building Type: Commercial
Original Structure Type: Concrete
Retrofit System Type: Steel
Year of Retrofit: 2003
Uploaded by: Tipping Mar
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I Magnin Building

The I. Magnin project was a seismic retrofit of a historic four-story steel-framed building using propped shear walls. The latter allowed the owner to preserve the Art Deco terra-cotta-and-stone façade while retaining maximum open-floor space. The system consists of a tall, slender concrete shear wall propped near the top with multistory diagonal steel braces. During large earthquakes, the slotted, bolted friction connections of the steel props, along with flexural yielding at the base of the shear wall, provide seismic-energy dissipating mechanisms. This system creates a high-performance lateral system that is less expensive and less architecturally intrusive than either steel braced frames or concrete shear walls acting alone. Modern Steel Construction magazine documented the retrofit in the article “Propped Shear Walls: Combining Steel Braces and Concrete Shear Walls for Seismic Strengthening of Existing Buildings.”

Structural engineer: Tipping Mar (www.tippingmar.com)
Architect: Ibsen Senty Architecture
Contractor: Westfour Corporation
Owner/Developer: SRM Associates