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Building Type: Commercial
Original Structure Type: Wood
Retrofit System Type: Concrete
Year of Retrofit: 1997
Uploaded by: Tipping Mar
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475 Brannan Street

An 1890s vintage brick-and-heavy-timber warehouse was converted to office space with 255,000 sf of rentable space. Two new floors were added atop the existing two-story building; for the vertical addition, Tipping Mar used a wood frame to keep weight down and so that the existing foundations could be reused. The seismic upgrade of the existing building and the lateral system for the new upper stories consists of shotcrete shear walls, propped shear walls, and timber-riveted glulam collectors.

Structural Engineer: Tipping Mar (www.tippingmar.com)
Architect: Pfau Architecture
Contractor: Swinerton Builders
Owner/Developer: SKS Investments